Everyday Sandal Graphic Leopard


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If you unapologetically color outside the lines, keep doing your thing. Just do it in supportive sandals that are designed to go anywhere you take them! Joybees Everyday Sandals come in bright, bold patterns that make a statement as soon as you enter the room. Who better to make the world a more vibrant place than you? Watch out for the sun! Joybees are made of EVA, which will shrink if exposed to heat. We advise keeping your shoes out of direct sunlight and excessive heat. For example, don't leave them on the front seat of a hot car while at soccer practice. But don't worry! They won't shrink while you're wearing them! Easy to clean! To clean your Joybees, use cool, soapy water and scrub lightly. Do not expose your Joybees to chemicals such as insect repellent, fertilizer, or harsh cleaning solutions.