Extraordinary Noorah


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Santa’s Extraordinary Helper: Ever wondered how Santa’s sleigh travels around the world in one night? Well, Santa has an old friend in a magical arctic fox who creates the great glow of the polar lights and pauses time with a swish of her tail. Extraordinary Noorah by Chanda A. Bell tells the amazing tale of Noorah’s special gift in making Christmas Magic happen. Celebrate the Magic of Christmas: Noorah’s extraordinary tale will surely spark imagination, excite wonder, and inspire Children to celebrate year-round. Unwrap her magic and Extraordinary Noorah will be a holiday present the family will love. Sparks Imagination: Noorah is no ordinary arctic fox. Although she comes directly from the North Pole like the Elf Pets, her remarkable journey to become Santa’s magical arctic fox is a tale like no other. Noorah provides the entire family with so many ways to explore the magical world she shares with her friends! Snuggle With Noorah and Read Her Tale: Perfect for cuddling and travel, the Noorah plush is the ideal snuggle companion when you read about her magical adventures in the North Pole. Plush is sold separately. A Christmas Favorite: Children adore Noorah and Elf Pets as their cuddly companions for giving them a real connection to the magic of Santa's North Pole through the power of caring and creative play. Ignite kids’ imagination so they can be just as extraordinary in their own unique ways.